Monday, December 4, 2006 fun!

This weekend was just so fun!
Looked after Jaxson all weekend...
i love taking him to church!
The children loved taking him
sledding while i was doing
make n' takes at Memories and More .
There is a picture of him sitting
in the snow, it looks like he is in a
snow bumbo! too cute :)
We took him to a sing at the nursing home
and the people just loved him!
He was kissed many, many times...
one man started crying!
We will for sure take him again :)

i used a couple of CK fonts that i designed
on the above two layouts....that was really cool!

Received my Maya Road rak!
I can't make a real
i made a bead pie :)
doesn't the rick rack really look like pie crust!

So excited to start this week...
i've got to make a baking list!
i love my winter baking!

Have a very blessed week ahead, take care!


Tara said...

Andrea! Your fonts ROCK! You are such a talented lady - you're probably holding out on a whole bunch more stuff??!?!

That is so cool! AND, your pie totally looks real! Awsome!

Fern said...

Yes Andrea I could just eat that pie up - wonderful work!!

deb said...

The pie is incredible!! :) So are the other layouts especially the Peace one. Love your fonts too.. how cool.

deb said...

looove the CK blessed font!

Anna Sigga said...
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Anna Sigga said...

Your pie look ssooo yummy and ohhh so pretty!!! love the fonts too!

~ Anna Sigga ~

Aubrey R said...

WoW! I LOVE the pie you made! It's just totally COOL! I had to do a "double-take" on the lattice... the velvet rick rack looks incredibly real! How creative you are. Can't wait to see your ornament for the MR RAK on my blog!