Monday, December 11, 2006

be joyous!

This past weekend on Caroline's blog
she asked "what fills us with joy!"
i responded...
"when i wake up in the morning and hear the pitter patter
of my children's footsteps that is joy...
and knowing that all of have comes from the Creator...such joy!"
Just after i typed that....i heard CRASH!
i just had a feeling that it was one of my favorite
snow flake mugs! Sure enough it was...immediatley my mind
goes back "joy....pitter patter...Creator".
Right away Andrew says
how sorry he was...such my sweet boy!
i felt like God was testing me....could i still be joyous?
Only with God's help, i was :D
i love the verse on my scripture art....
you think how could Jesus be joyous on the cross?
because He was dying for the
sins of the world....AMEN!

God be with you this week...may He fill you with joy!

1 comment:

Caroline said...


i just saw this entry - I have to LOL about the crash - what perfect timing!

have a blessed christmas!