Monday, May 14, 2012

Week One Completed!

Well I made it through week one! And I LOST 4.5 lbs!!!!!! I'm more than happy with that :) I incorporated a lot more water into my days. It helped so much, I couldn't believe it. My favorite water "recipe" is lemon and cucumber water. When my running group was in Wenatchee we went to this restaurant called McGlinn's and they served us lemon cucumber water and it was so delicious, fresh and inspiring! The jug looks beautiful and inviting sitting on my kitchen counter. In Wenatchee I ran the 10K and didn't do well...had to use my inhaler like it was crack! My time ended up being 1 hour 8 minutes and 48 seconds. Next year I will get it under 1 hour!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Much to Lose

It has been a very long time but now is the time. I want to keep a record of a journey that I've started today. My journey consists of two specific goals. The first is a biggie... to lose the 59 lbs. that I've gained and... to run 10K in under 1HR. I know I can do this. I have family that will stick by me, an amazing support system, I made a fun inspirational binder, and I have this verse to cling to...
The most crazy thing to me at this moment is my own fear. Even with all the support and drive I know I have, I just feel scared. Scared that I will give up. Quit the moment one thing doesn't go right. It's almost like I don't want this journey. But I know I have to take it. I feel a soft calling and I know the first step is mine. The first barrier I will need to break down is fighting myself. The first week is going to be hard but I'm going to push through. My prayer is that I can keep a good attitude, keep my chin up, and focus, focus, focus!