Monday, May 7, 2012

Much to Lose

It has been a very long time but now is the time. I want to keep a record of a journey that I've started today. My journey consists of two specific goals. The first is a biggie... to lose the 59 lbs. that I've gained and... to run 10K in under 1HR. I know I can do this. I have family that will stick by me, an amazing support system, I made a fun inspirational binder, and I have this verse to cling to...
The most crazy thing to me at this moment is my own fear. Even with all the support and drive I know I have, I just feel scared. Scared that I will give up. Quit the moment one thing doesn't go right. It's almost like I don't want this journey. But I know I have to take it. I feel a soft calling and I know the first step is mine. The first barrier I will need to break down is fighting myself. The first week is going to be hard but I'm going to push through. My prayer is that I can keep a good attitude, keep my chin up, and focus, focus, focus!

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