Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today I Will Canvas

My daily to do list was getting very boring and mundane so I thought it needed some sprucing up! What can be more inspiring that a ginormous flower so I put my thinking cap on and went for it :)

I used an 11 X 14 canvas and altered it with lots of fabulous Dear Lizzy products from American Crafts...

Paper:  Picking Pansies, Humble Honeybee, Dragonfly Dance, Golden Gleam, Sweet Strawberry, and Lazy Ladybug.
Fabric:  Tickled Tulip, Snapdragon Soiree, and Firefly Festival
Thickers:  Coffee Bliss Glitter
Ribbon:  Lively
croqueted flower and brad

Have a very wonderful day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best of...

I made this layout for the World Wide Web Challenge on the American Crafts blog.  The challenge is to make a card or layout inspired by the WWW! I used the "flickr gallery" from as inspiration for my "best of" layout.

American Crafts Supplies
Paper: Edith (Botanique line) and Bodacious Banana (Heat Wave line)
Thickers: Giggles

Font:  Another Typewriter

Enjoy your day,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

lil' Owlet Tutorial

I made this little owlet yesterday and thought it would be fun to share how to make her!  It makes for a quick and easy summer project :)

Fabric (Snapdragon Soiree, Tickled Tulip, and Firefly Festival fabric from the American Crafts - Dear Lizzy collection)
2 croqueted flowers (American Crafts - Dear Lizzy)
2 large white buttons, 2 small black buttons
small piece of orange felt
embroidery floss, needle
scissors, pencil, glue

1.  Print out pattern on cardstock and cut out the three pieces.  Trace 2 body pieces on fabric (the American Crafts sticky back fabric works perfectly because you can trace on the paper backside) and cut out.

2.  Trace one tummy piece and cut out.

 3.  If desired separte the sticky paper off  fabric for the body pieces. This will make it easier to stuff the owlet.

4. Stick down the tummy piece to the front body piece and straight stitch around to keep in place.

5. Blanket stitch about 1/2 way around your owl and stuff. I used tissue paper but next time I'm going to use a softer stuffing :) Only stuff the bottom portion of your owlet as we'll need to fold over the top portion for the head.

Everytime I want to do a blanket stitch I totally forget how LOL! So I watch my favorite blanket stitch video on YouTube...

6. Fold over the pointed top portion of the owlet and sew on a large croqueted flower, a large white and a small black button for each eye.  Trace and cut out beak and stitch on at this time as well (not shown).

7. Stitch the head down to keep in place. I used a little bit of glue as well.

Your owlet is now complete!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maya Road "Basic" Reveal

I'm so excited about Maya Road's Basics line. They are so versatile and I know you will love them!  You can add your own binding, use them as wall hangings, use them all together or's truly endless!  I tied three together with Maya Road ribbon to make a little "countdown board"!

Maya Road Supplies
Scallop Basic Album, Super Mega Bottle Caps, Scallop Dot Ribbon, Jonathan Mini Alphabet Chipboard, and Hydrangea Blue Mist.

American Crafts Supplies
Papers:  Crestview Court, Aspen Ridge Road, Wheeler Ave.and Maple Drive (from the Abode collection)
plus and assortment of Thickers!

Have a really great day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Weekend to Remember

A lot happened a year ago this weekend! For one Rick and I were celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary and two there was a huge forest fire pretty much across the street from our was scary but it all turned out fine, praise God!

Today Rick and I are celebrating year 17!  I just finished making a layout about our 17 years for the American Crafts blog dimension challenge!

American Crafts supplies
Paper: Picking Pansies, Tickled Tulip, Firefly Festival, and Snapdragon Soiree (Dear Lizzy collection)
Specialty Paper: Glitter
Ribbon: Lively (Dear Lizzy collection)
Flowers: Springhouse Croqueted (Dear Lizzy collection)
Thickers: Rockabye (foam)
Buttons: Glitter

cork and DMC embroidery floss

Here are some dimensional close-up...

I raised the frame around the entire layout and also added some foam dots
to the back of the 17 to give it a little pop!

I lifted the flowers a bit to give a little shadow.

I really wanted the I love you.  I adore you. to be a focal point in the corner
so I added some foam dots and then gently turned in the corners.

The next layout was for the Summer 2010 issue of Canadian Scrapbooker.
It`s about the forest fire from last July 18th.

pattern paper:  Many Thanks and Goodbye from the Letterbox collection (American Crafts)
cardstock:  brown dot (BoBunny)
letter stickers:  Rockabye (American Crafts)
buttons:  Letterbox (American Crafts)
pearl brads:   Letterbox (American Crafts)
jewel brads:  Letterbox (American Crafts)
stamp:  clocks (Maya Road)
embroidery floss:  DMC

Journaling from layout...

2:00 ~ My husband and son were about to leave to go kayaking on Lake Okanagan when they noticed a lot of smoke.  There was a small fire burning behind Gorman’s Mill so they decided to postpone their adventure.  The flames grew and very shortly after the blaze began chemical bombers were flying over our house.  We did not feel threatened as the wind was blowing in the opposite direction.

4:00 ~ The fire soon became very large and the canyon below the fire where we live filled with smoke. Chemical bombers began flying over our house every couple of minutes; it was soon becoming a losing battle.  The heat and winds became very intense and we could hear explosions in the distance.  4:25 ~ Many helicopters now arrived at the scene; they were passing over our house and water from their bags was raining down on us.

The fire was steadily climbing up the mountain towards Glenrosa where about 11,000 people were being quickly evacuated from their homes.  The children were getting nervous and began packing their much loved animals – a rabbit and two guinea pigs.  My husband and I kept everyone calm reminding them about the huge highway that separated us from the inferno; the same highway was now closed.

5:30 ~ We prayed that God do a 180 with the wind as praying for rain seemed beyond reality.  We found out later that the bible camp in Glenrosa was praying as well.

6:00 ~ Suddenly there was a strange calm about the air as the winds completely stopped.  The children and I were in the backyard cheering on the helicopters to show our support while hubby was on the roof watching, like a lookout.  Being concerned about the mill he decided to ride his bike up our street.  He soon returned home to report that a frantic neighbour was running down the street, screaming “my backyard is on fire”.  The wind had changed.  A friend fighting the fire at the mill said it was like the wind changed and hundreds of little fires started across the highway in an instant.  We heard sirens and a loud speaker “this area is under IMMEDIATE evacuation”.  Our fears were intensified when we realized that we only had one way out and that one way could be surrounded by flames in minutes.  I had packed nothing.  The girls rushed their animals into the van while I frantically grabbed what I could…a bible, my first scrapbook, and a quilt.

6:30 ~ We were in the van driving away in complete shock; the road heading towards the lake was jammed with traffic.  Everyone including police cars and fire trucks were trying to keep from getting blocked in.  Looking back we could see the fire engulfing trees next to the traffic.  We sat in silence for a moment, prayed aloud, and cried a bit.

7:40 ~ Finally we arrived at my sister’s house in Kelowna.  We hugged and cried, and the only thing that was said for a couple of moments was “your house, your house.”  Followed by, “wow you all stink!”

8:30 ~ We were traveling to my parents house in Chilliwack.  A trip that would normally
take three and a half hours took seven as we traveled the long way because of the highway
closure.  We arrived just after 3am.

Three days later we were traveling back home.  We drove along the now opened highway
a little more slowly than usual to see the area where the fire had jumped across.  I
hadn’t cried for days until I saw a sign that a mill worker had put up it read “welcome home
Westbank.”  We drove down Gellatly Road and saw a house burned to the ground.  A minute
later we were sitting in our driveway thanking the Lord that we were home safe and sound.

May your weekend be filled with love, love, love!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Summer, long.

I'm so looking forward for the relaxing days of summer. All summer long. I had plans on doing some "summer school" with my babies. But no. We'll enjoy and relax and just be together.

I made this layout for the American Crafts blog challenge, click here to see it!

American Crafts Supplies
Paper: Crestview Court (Abode collection), Truly Yours (Letterbox collection), and Creamy Coconut and Pretty Papaya(Heat Wave collection).
Buttons: Glitter Buttons
Thickers: Regards

Embroidery Floss: DMC

We are still missing the Tay man just terribly. I never, ever thought losing a pet would hurt so much!

Take care, stay safe, love lots,

Monday, July 12, 2010

You'll Live in our Hearts

You were with us for eight years Tay Tay Man
and we'll miss you more than you can imagine.
Bre will miss you the most and I know you'll be in her heart forever.
We thank Jesus for you sweet always made us smile :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Story Matters - July

Well July is upon us and the weather in these parts sure doesn't feel like it!

The July kit from The Story Matters will for sure brighten up your day...the kits is called "What I did my Summer vacation"! So can see all the fun products in it by clicking here!