Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a little child....

Yesterday i was starting to feel my anxiety rising....
our visitors are coming next week and for some reason
i thought we should start cleaning!
My youngest, Emma (7), was told to tidy
her clothing drawers. i went to inspect when she
said she was "done" and clearly it was the job of seven year old.
Instead of recognizing this...i got angry with her.
i fixed it for her, then went on my way.
i never apologized.
That night i was reading and God brought it
to my attention. i cried out to him...it was 10:30 at night
and i so wanted to say sorry! i quietly snuck into
her room and Praise God she was awake!
i got to hold her and say sorry.

Then i was thinking of awesome of a Father God is.
He never gets mad at us.
He extends His grace over and over.

love this scripture from Isaiah:
He will not judge what He sees with His eyes,
or decides by what He hears with His ears;
but with righeousness He will judge to needy,
with justice He will give decisions for the poor of the earth.

May God bless you today...may you see His Grace that Overflows.

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