Sunday, December 17, 2006

11 years ago

i feel as if God has given me an *extra* year this day!
i feel blessed, very blessed.
since December 17, 1995 i have
become a mom two more times
became an Aunty
met many new friends...

but most of all
i have come to know my Saviour,
The Light of the World...
Our Lord Christ Jesus
who is my all in all.

I praise God for this wonderful life!
journaling from above layout...
Seeing this picture of Dr. Sutherland immediately takes me back to December, 2005. A time of excruciating headaches. There can be miracles. The surgery was a success then the trials of learning the little details began - like holding my seven month old baby girl. I was crushed *why was this happening to me? It is now a little over 10 years since my brain tumor was removed. I love to hear my Dad quote this conversation..."what are you going to do to her?" He asked in desparation. A very calm doctor replied, "I'm going to save her life!" It is such a miracle for me to hear...because four years later Jesus saved my soul! There were no guarantees that lonely December ~ but i know that someone prayed to God for the first time...someone stayed close by my side...someone believed they were going to save my life. There can be miracles...if you believe. *God answered my question...
"So I can show you how beautiful life can be."


Tara said...

Wow, Andrea...

Karin Botha said...

Oh wow! Andrea, we serve an Almighty God, it is wonderful to read about other people's faith!!
Thank you for the comment on my blog, now I can visit yours and drink from your experiences.
May God keep you healthy and safe during 2007, one day at a time!
be blessed!