Monday, December 17, 2007

A Very Happy Day :)

Every year when the 17th of December roll around
I rejoice.
Twelve years ago this day I had emergency surgery
to remove a baseball size tumor from my brain.
I remember my husband saying to me after,
"The Anesthesiologist said they lost you for a minute."
So today I rejoice in twelve *extra* years,
a happy marriage,
three incredible children,
an amazing family,
fabulous friends,
and God my saviour.


Gigi said...

andrea!!!!! i am rejoicing with you!!!!!!!!!!!

& here's to a hundred more extra years to enjoy your gorgeous family
(& i need your inspiration!! you amaze me every day my sweet friend :)

love you!!!!!!



jeriray said...

Love your attitude! You have inspired me today. :)

kerry lynn yeary said...

oh sweetie!!
what an amazing gift!!
love you to bits and pieces!

Wilna said...

YAY!!! This is from now on a happy day for me too!!! You are such a blessing in my life!!!

Becca said...

This is a really happy day for me too--you are such a blessing to me! Praise God for loaning you to us for a while longer...maybe about 100 extra years! : )


Love you.

Anonymous said...

so happy you are here friend-you are such a blessing to so many! celebrating with you!

Jody said...

Wow! What a amazing testimony to what God can do in and through you! I am so happy that your family has had all these 'bonus' years with you and that you have shared your love and touched many along the way. Me included!
I hope you celebrate in a special way today. And wishes for you to enjoy many more healthy years!

Anonymous said...

....and it means we get to share you too!!!
Loves yer andrea!! xxxx

That Girl said...

I am such a lucky duck to have gotten to meet you in your bonus years Andrea. Truly. Love ya from the bottom of my heart and here's to an AMAZING bonus life to come.

Shelley Haganman said...

I am rejoicing with you too! God is good and what a celebration life is! Shelley

project 52 said...

right along with you I sing praises. tears in my eyes. cause I am a better person knowing you.
big hugs and lots and lots of
love for you my friend.


Danielle said...

WOW Andrea...we are blessed to still have you with us :) God Bless you sweetie!!!

That layout is true perfection!!!!

Lisa J. said...

I would say that is a wonderful reason to rejoice. So glad the Lord kept you at your earthly home for now! Love your pages. Also FYI your header of your blog never shows up when I read your blogs. Just thought you might want to know.

Cari said...

Oh wow!! Rejoicing with you too!
That is a gift from God!

Tara said...

Wow... touching story Andrea, and I will now remember December 17th in a special way as well...

Caroline said...


what a beautiful day the 17th is and we are so glad you are here with all of us now!

Dawn said...

what an excellent way to celebrate your "anniversary!".... thanks for being you!