Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Little Present Blocks

I made these for my favorite *LSS* ladies...and wanted to share how to create them :) They would make such fun place cards!

Square Wooden Block (mine is 1 ¼ inches)
White Paint
Glitter Paint
Printed Papers
3 D Foam Squares
Tiny Tag
Paint Brush
Sand Paper
1. Paint wooden block white. I used two coats with a final coat of glitter paint!
2. Cut 3D Foam Square into ¼ inch strips and attach around the top diameter of your block.
3. Cut a strip of printed paper to ¼ X 6 inches. Attach to the 3D foam squares around the top of the block. There may be a little extra to trim off.
4. You will then have to measure the top area and cut a square of printed paper to cover. Glue onto the top of your block.

5. Wrap ribbon around block and add a small tag with name!


Dawn said...

the pictures don't do them justice... we LOVE THEM!!!!

Danielle said...

These are super cute!!! Thanks for the instructions Andrea :)

Audrey said...

I love these Andrea TFS!

Cheryl said...

Hey look! That's me :) Thanks again Andrea - you amaze me with your talent :)

Heather said...


tina werner said...

very cute!

just wanted to say thank you for the christmas tag in the mail! it was very sweet of you!

kitkat said...

These are cute and gorgeous at the same time. Love the idea and love your work.