Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shine :)

Altered Light Switch Plate
Light Switch Plate (I got mine at Home Depot for 33 cents)
Printed Paper (4 ½” X 6)
Punched Stars and Buttons
Glitter Paint
Velvet Thickers
Embroidery Floss
Wet Glue
Mod Podge
1. Trace on the wrong side of paper where the centre of the light switch plate will be. Cut out centre and glue paper onto front of the light switch plate.

2. Fold Paper around to the back and glue down.

3. Using a pencil poke where the screws will be.

4. Glue on stars. Apply a layer of Mod Podge. Once dry apply a layer of glitter paint.

5. Add your “title”, (I used “shine”) and buttons. You can decorate as you wish after point number 3!


Cheryl said...

YOU! are so clever! Love the dot over the "i" ;)

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Gorgeous! I love the lightswitch cover.

Trish said...

that is great! i am going to have to come back and browse through the rest of your blog another day-I look forward to it :)