Monday, November 13, 2006

little creatures...

"oh Lord, the earth is full of your creatures..."

i made some *pet pages* this weekend.
i wasn't planning on making the
rabbit is hard to make a page
about a mean rabbit who bites me
and attacks everyone in our house...
except for Breanne!

So the "tailor" page is for Breanne :)

I just love the picture of Sheriff...he is so fun!


Anonymous said...

HAAA! What cute pages... LYP on 2Ps for the one of Sheriff. I can't believe you have an attack rabbit!?! Too funny!

Dagmar said...

Andrea, your pages of Sheriff and the rabbit are really sweet, so glad that I can keep seeing your good works. How do you format your page so that the photos are first and the text is below. I love that look.