Wednesday, November 22, 2006

...dancing hearts

this makes my heart sing
with joy! It has always been
my prayer to have children
who "get along" with each
other...but when i hear you
call each other "friends" it is
music to my ears...make my
heart dance...Praise God!
i took this picture at the Gelatly Nut Farm
on the day it first started to snow.
November 2, 2006
i love the first snow when the children
try and fit into their last year winter clothes...
of course no boots fit so they were wearing runners...
i love winter, so fun :)


Audrey said...

You have such an amazing talent! Love this pic and LO.

Anonymous said...

wondeful moving. You're truly blessed with a wonderful natural talent.

Have a great day.

deepoet said...

Thanks for this post - you brought me straight back to my time with my kids when they were still small. A very nice blog.