Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Favorite Notebook

I made these notebooks at the beginning of
December and they have become my favorite!!!!

I start with a really sturdy chipboard on the back....

Then I add a little handful of lined index cards...

Next a little piece of pattern paper; then a piece of thick acrylic for protection and then I bind it all together...

Seriously, several of these have taken me and my sister through Decemeber :) She lost hers in a pile of presents
she was wrapping and then kissed it when she found it :D


Dagmar said...

Hi Andrea;
Love this, I just got a Bind it All plus all the goodies that goes with it for Christmas, and this is what I will be making over the next few weeks...Thanks for sharing and many blessings.

Vanessa said...

Might I add that I LOVE mine too...I use it all the time!! Thank you, thank you so much!