Sunday, October 19, 2008

Memory Makers

I was completely honoured to be asked by Memory Makers Magazine to create three layouts for their "It's About Time" column for the November/December issue! The three layouts above were the ones that were used...the theme, "gratitude".

Just to note...
My site address used to be and as I was unable to renew the address in time it was purchased by someone else. I just decided to revert back to instead.

Have a very wonderful Sunday evening!
Lots of love,


Tracie H said...

Beautiful the tunes on your blog too! :D

Kelly said...

wonderful and sunny. I always love what you do.

I have started a new blog for craft stuff as I dont want to intertwine that with my art site (some customers looking for art get turned off when they see bibs and more crafty stuff, so I am making a spot fo both).

Vanessa said...

Andrea!!! I finally figured out...just TODAY, after way too long, that I should try the journeysofar website address. I was getting so frustrated not being able to read your blog...all that came up was a slot machine website!!!! Can't wait to catch up!!!!