Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So Sweet

Here is the card that I taught for NSD...thought it would be fun to share here :)


Cardstock Tag

Pattern Paper (I used Making Memories)
*One 2 X 6 inch piece - for Cupcake "liner"
*One scallop circle
or here is a link for a pdf template to create your own if you don't have a scallop circle punch - for Cupcake "top"


Wet Adhesive (like Aleene’s Tacky Glue)


1. Accordion fold your 2 X 6 inch piece of pattern paper. My folds are 1/8th of an inch each.

2. Squeeze the bottom piece together and apply glue. Let the bottom piece *fan* out and attach to your tag.

3. Create your cupcake top….(I cut off the bottom portion of the scalloped circle)

4. To attach the cupcake top you’ll first have to double up your Popdots by sticking two together like a tower then attaching them to the back top area of the cupcake top…a set of two of these should be perfect. (I tried to take a picture of what I mean)…

Now add some glue to the bottom back of the cupcake top and stick onto top of your cupcake "liner".

5. Add your ribbon and sentiment!


Making Memories has a project featured, that would be
absolutely perfect for Mother's Day!

My Sunday School girls are going to be creating
them on Sunday. Now we've got to start eating lots
of pears to collect enough cans ;) Check it out here!


Kelli said...

Very cute cupcake!

GoatChick said...

WOw that is just Precious!!

Renee Dowling said...

This is soo cute , luv it , thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

That is very sweet. It was nice meeting you. Looking forward to trading scrapbooking and art "secrets" next week.

stacy said...

love the flower pot. i was looking for a cute project. Thanks
your site is great. i love checking it out!!!

Ali said...

Adorable Andrea!!! :o) TYFS!