Wednesday, May 2, 2007


For the first time....I've been tagged
by the wonderful Tara!!!!

Seven things about me...

1. I just started using fun :) I have one song on my playlist...
Come to Jesus by Chris Rice!

2. I'm looking for more blog colour!!!! Just like Lisa's :) I'll be working on that today!

3. When I wash dishes I stand on one foot, the other one tucked behind.

4. I look like my's seriously wierd. I have a female cousin who looks like I know I don't look like a guy, if that makes any sense.

5. I listen to Praise106.5 all day!!! Until i get a half decent play list :)

6. I did awful in school...especially Jr. High and High that we home school (this is year six) I'm blessed to do it all over again 3 times - teaching my three children! What a blessing :) Plus...I thought I was a pretty good speller, until my DH read my blog and pointed out the tons of spelling errors!!!! I guess it's pretty important to use the spell check Blogger has for me ;)

7. I love Jesus :)

I'm supposed to tag seven people...
one problem...I'm sure on all the blogs I read
I've read everyones 7's, so, if you happen
to read my blog and haven't done a 7 list...
I'm tagging you!!!
Have a very wonderful day!!!


Tara said...

Thanks for playing Andrea! I love reading the little things about people that they want to share...

Jody said...

Your blog looks great! Mine could use some sprucing up. =) Also, I read back and really enjoyed that you shared your testimony. I think it is amazing how God can use our 'messes' and pain to reveal His glory! And I'm excited that the internet is being used by Him to share His message of grace and redemption. Thanks for sharing yours!

Gigi said...

andrea the blog looks FANTASTIC!!!!!

& i stand on one leg to do the dishes too!!!

Dawn said...

LOVE the new look!
And all 7 things about you!

have a great birthday with E!!