Monday, January 3, 2011

JetPen Test Ride

I was asked by Jet Pens to try out some of their pens! I've been a pen lover for as long as I can remember and I LOVE to try out new ones!

The first wasn't a pen but a mechanical pencil, a Zebra Color Flight C to be exact.

The first thing I loved about this one was the colour...

I always do my hand written journaling in pencil first so this was a perfect one to start with. This pencil has a nice weight, super grip, and best of all...a twist eraser!!! My number one complaint about mechanical pencils are the tiny erasers but this one goes on and'll love it!

The next was a gel ink pen made by Pilot. The Pilot Hi-Tec 0.5 was truly amazing. The ink comes out so smoothly and the nib is very precise.

I put this one to the test by first writing on top of Maya Mist and it didn't skip a beat. I then tried it on top of paint...I was amazed, usually when I write on paint the pen ends up skipping, not this pilot!

(you can see the full tag here!)

Just to make sure that it truly wasn't going to skip I wrote my grocery list with it...

Stay tuned for more reviews...have a great day,

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Jeannie said...

I am SO intensely jealous!!! I've wanted to do this FOREVER! That's so awesome. Ever read Love his stuff! :D
Happy new year andrea!