Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Evacuation

We've been evacuated from our home due to a forest fire.
Prayers are much appreciated, thank you :)

My dd, Bre has some pictures on her blog.

Lots of love,


Tara said...

I'm praying that your family gets to go home soon Andrea!

bettyann said...

Take care..I am praying for you have a place to go??
Hugs Bettyann langley

Jewels14 said...

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers Andrea *hugs*

Dagmar said...

Hi Andrea, thinking of you, am working all this week, but if you need a break, call me, we still are able to say in out home. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!
Love, xoxo

Dagmar said...

I meant to say that we are able to still stay in OUR home.

Becca said...

Sweet sweet girl,
Many prayers are coming your way.
Be safe.
Love you!

Danielle said...

My prayers are with you all!!!
Please be safe :)