Monday, November 3, 2008

Magnetic Helpers!

I altered some cookie sheets
to help with holiday organization!
Happy Monday ♥


Kat said...

What a wonderful project!
Thank you for sharing!

Kelly said...

I agree- a great project. card making was so fun at your place.

OH! I have a question- I was snooping through your gorgeous creations and scrolled througb your blog. On your date 'July 21' You have a photo of a project with an adorable deer paper. It reminds me of a Japanese Import fabric that I love. Do you remember where it came from?? I am coveting it really badly!

Kelli said...

Super cute!

Angie Pedersen said...

Very cool! I've made an Advent Calendar on a cookie, but never thought to try another use. Duh! I "tweeted" this post on my Twitter feed!

Trina C said...

Love the title made with bottle caps. I have been looking to use mine somehow.