Monday, March 12, 2007

to remember

My Nan went home on Saturday morning.
The hospital (Cottonwoods) called my
Mom and Aunt early on Saturday morning.
They went down and held her.
She was covered in love and prayers.
We'll all miss her tons, she was truly one of a kind.
A blessing. A friend.
I went down on Friday to see her,
I wasn't going to go....I thought
"I'll go on Sunday".
I so felt God leading me to go...
I listened and was very blessed.
I sat there watching her, wanting to tell her
what she meant to me.
God said,
"Tell her she is a joy to you".
How could I say that without
crying like a baby.
As it quickly came time to say
good-bye, I bent down to give
her a kiss...and out popped...
"You are a joy to me".
Praise God, I was able to say it
clearly. I feel so blessed
that I got to tell her what she meant to me.
The sun was shinning that Friday....
I felt God's hope, and I trust
that I'll see her again.
This time it will
be forever.
Praise His wonderful name.


Dawn said...

I'm so glad you have had such a great relationship with her... and that you got to say goodbye in a very meaningful way...
I'm sure you were a joy to her too!

Fern said...

Oh Andrea you make me cry! So lucky that you listened and went on Friday!!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I don't even know if you'd be interested, (I think this page is gorgeous and might be perfect for this), but a friend of mine is doing a book for PineCone Press on pages dealing with grief/loss/life celebrations. If you are interested, here's the info:

"I need scans emailed to me by the 20th at the latest!! You can email them to me at "

tysdragonfly is a fellow pea.

(Please forgive me if this is too soon to have brought up to you, but I thought it might help others to see this beautiful page)

Ann said...

Such a heartfelt layout, Andrea. I am so glad that you saw her and were able to tell her how you felt about her.