Wednesday, February 28, 2007

just believe

As i was making my scripture journal page
last night i prayed for my Nan. She was
moved to Palliative care yesterday.
It is so hard when you find out that the
Doctor says she has 2 weeks to live...
i believe in miracles,
and if it's God will she will be healed.
i'm just going to have faith!
God bless you this beautiful Wednesday!
Hi you :) See you soon!!!


Erin said...

Hi Andrea! I'm sorry to hear about your Nan. We'll pray for God's hand to be on her every moment. Thank you for your kind e-mail after I posted on your blog. I've been out of town a couple of times so I'm behind on responding to mail. This is Beth W. (Erin is my daughter--I'm using her account!) Bless you!

Tara said...

Andrea, your family is in my thoughts... praying for your Nan.

Vanessa said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks again for your encouraging artwork...and a special little hello to boot (I started crying, I don't know why!?! A little emotional these days, I think!)! It was really great to see you and the kids, but hard, considering the circumstances (but how fun to be able to give Nan special singing concerts!). What a blessing to know that Nan is surrounded by such loving people and has so many visitors. We will be back again soon and I'm sure we'll see you then. Love you lots!!!