Thursday, October 26, 2006


i went to visit my Nan.
she has been diagnosed with an
aortic aneurysm.
the Doctors say she has less than
a year to live.
you immediatley think
"i really should
live each day like it
were my last."
then i thought, no, that would be
so selfish. we would only
do what i wanted to do!
so instead i need to
"love like there's
no tomorrow".
then they'll remember the

i made it through the
entire visit without
a tear, until it was
time to say good-bye.
i even made it though
one good-bye.
then i went back for
one more.
i look her in the eyes and said...
"God bless you, Nan".
as soon as i brought God into
our good-bye, i brought
in true love.
"God is love".
she held me
through my tears.

1 comment:

barbr said...

What an amazing blessing to know that you have the time to tell your grandma good bye!
Prayers to you and your family. Amazing page again ! :)